Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sin and Redemption

David Saetre--Is it possible to talk about our existential experience of brokenness and alienation, without falling into the abyss of judgmental moralism. Is that what sin really signifies? Is it possible to imagine life's surprising capacity for renewal and hope, redemption, without appealing to supernatural causes? The words sin and redemption lead us down into those depths of our human experience as few other words can.

Standing on One Foot: 3,000 years in 20 minutes

David Seigler presents, "Standing on One Foot: 3,000 years in 20 minutes." What can be said in twenty minutes about the world's oldest monotheistic religion? Plenty, and in using twenty minutes to do so David Siegler will take at least nineteen minutes more than one of Judaism's greatest rabbi's thought necessary.